Jeffrey Catherine Jones 1944 ~ 2011

Morreu, felizmente em paz, uma das minhas maiores inspirações e influências.  (Uma palavra de aviso aos outros, este blog parece um obituário - vejam se se cuidam, por favor. Menos tabaco, mais caminhadas, o génio do costume.)
One of my biggest inspirations and influences has died, fortunately peacefully.  (A word of caution to the others: this blog looks like an obituary already - do take care of yourselves, please. Less smoke, more walking, the usual genius.)

A realizadora Maria Cabardo, que está a lutar para conseguir acabar um valioso documentário acerca da vida e obra de JCJ, está a aceitar donativos via Paypal na conta maria@macabfilms.com.
Director Maria Cabardo, who is finishing a valuable documentary on JCJ's life and work, is accepting donations through her Paypal account, maria@macabfilms.com. 


rkmontour said...

Sincere condolences. I had followed Catherine's work when she was 'Jeffrey' and I was then attending the High School of Art & Design (NYC) between '68-'72. I found her pen and brush to be elegant - certainly among the best in the fantasy genre of that day or any other. She will be both missed and remembered by all who knew and loved her art.

joão m. p. lemos said...

Thanking you for commenting, rkm.
Those were amazing years on Jones' art. I'm glad you were there to witness.

rkmontour said...

Yes they certainly were amazing and inspiring. I always found her work to be the yin to Frazetta's Yang. Certainly, Frazetta paid her due respect by deeming she was the best painter alive. While statements such as that are subjective, the meaning of a due compliment is understood - she was pretty darned good, wasn't she?

easycoolenterprise said...

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