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De 14 de Agosto a 14 de Setembro, estarei na Indónésia, em pesquisa.
From August 14th to September 14th , I will be in Indonesia, researching.


" {...} a verdade de Buda e a verdade de Shiva são uma.
São, de facto, diferentes, mas da mesma natureza,
pois não há dualidade na Verdade. "

mpu Tantular in "Kakawin Sutasoma", canto 139, estrofe 5

" {...} the thruth of Buddha & the truth of Shiva are one.
Indeed, they are different, but of the same kind,
for there is no duality in Truth. "

mpu Tantular in "Kakawin Sutasoma", canto 139, stanza 5



Anonymous said...

quero estar contigo antes de voares.

Anonymous said...

Caro Lemos,

Espero que faças boa viagem e que a pesquisa se revele frutífera.

Se puderes, vê o comentário do Post anterior.

That "The Truth of Buddha and Shiva" guide you and lead you to a safe path...

Rui Fadinho

cashew nut said...

Joao, hi!
I cannot evin begin to say how grateful I am for the chance of meeting you and your warm family(please say hi n sorry to your dad, I still couldnt find his pen!)..I truly love your thoughts and works that you put here in the blog. Please keep up your gift of drawing and word-weaving. Truly subarashii^^

How was the trip to Bromo and Tana Toraja? You're going back today, right? Have a safe flight back.. waiting for new posts from you!

wanna go to comic con..~_~
warm regards, saras=)

Manu said...

gosto muito do teu blog

Barbara Lourenço said...

É um destino que eu tb gostria de conhecer ^-^
Que tudo corra 5 "estrelinhas"

joão m. p. lemos said...

Hey, Saras!
Yay, I won the "subarashii" label!
How cool is that?
For me, Dewi Homestay was by far the friendliest place I found, in the whole month. I loved meeting you and your charming aunt. Bromo and Tana Toraja were both incredible, in very different ways. I should restart posting here soon and I want to mail you, too. So, back in Japan?
Miss that smile of yours.

joão m. p. lemos said...

Ei, Manu.
Fiquei encavacado. Espero fazer novos posts em breve. Obrigado

Anonymous said...

Hello João,

Folgo em saber que te encontras bem e já entre nós!?!
Finally you´ve got time to answer our comments(And there are lots...and lots... And all good).
Parece que a viagem foi proveitosa; assim o espero. (Sempre tiveste a sorte de conhecer um lugar especial).
Espero que, brevemente, possas colocar coisas novas.

Grande abraço,(Vou passando por cá).

Rui Fradinho(RUFO)

cashew nut said...

you totally deserve the subarashii award.. haha. chou subarashii. ;p

yea, in Japan now, how i miss the warm climate of Indonesia;p
n you actually inspired me to go to Borobudur again, me n the 5 a.m minibus packed with tourists, and i'm so glad that i did. i was like, 'whoa.' here there n everwhere in Borobudur, coz my last time there was years ago. :) and i could still clearly picture your comic face when you went back from Borobudur to Dewi Homestay.. looking so excited. =)
and, oh yes, i'm climbing Bromo next year's summer. (I've got to, especially after meeting you who already went to Bromo, Tana Toraja, read Kakawin Sutasoma n knew exactly that Hanoman is the son of Rara Anjani, which, by the way, I'm the exact opposite! I'm ashamed.)

Hey, if i'm lucky, tomorrow my Avengers Fairy Tales#1 is arriving.. Cross your fingers!

So now that you're back to your blog again, I assume Shiki has progressed a lot?
I cannot wait. (hey, Shiki is Japanese word, right?)

really, there is nothing in my smile.. You'd better check your vision again! Get a new pair of glasses! ;p I'm getting one, too T.T

animo, Joao.. I'm making sure that each one of my friend checks out Shiki trailer. ;p

:D, saras

phantom said...

hey, what the hell happened to you? did you get eaten by cannibals? no one's heard whether you're alive or dead. hopefully you're just hiding from your enemies. I'm starting this site soon in an effort to get the international community involved in the search: www.findjoaolemos.com.

joão m. p. lemos said...

Phantom » if I may quote Twain, " the report of my death is an exaggeration ". At least so far, I would say. Moved by your care, I actually scanned part of my travel diary and made a new post with it, which I leave to your no doubt educated consideration. Yours, j