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Scott Sackett said...

Very nice to see more Shiki art! Has a ship date been announced?

Of all of CB's projects, Shiki is STILL the one I am looking forward to the most!

Will the Avengers book come out before Shiki?

Keep posting!

joão m. p. lemos said...

Hey, Scott, how are you doing?
I haven't posted anything for a long time, but as soon as I did it, you show up.

Still no Shiki dates, I'm affraid.
I hope we can honour all of your expectations, although they seem quite high, specially with the amount of talent working with C.B.

Yes, I'm working on the last pages of the Avengers Fairy Tales story and it should see the light of day quite sooner than Shiki.

I intend to post more often and it would be a pleasure to keep having you as a regular.

Thank you,

Scott Sackett said...


Your's is one of the dozen or so blogs I keep track of!

I'll keep an eye out for the Avengers book and for more updates here!

Take care!

joão m. p. lemos said...

one of the dozen?
now, I really, really, must keep this thing updated.

all the best,