Na morte de Robert Anton Wilson

On the death of Robert Anton Wilson

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Anonymous said...

this is cool joao, I like this a lot : )


joão m. p. lemos said...

Hey, Phil, first of all, thanks for the visit. It's great to know that you've liked it. Hope it keeps happening.

Dr Hoopla said...

This portrait of Eris is absolutely stunning. In fact, all of your artwork is fantastic.

drjon said...

Hail Eris! And Blessings upon you, João, for such a marvellous portrait of the One* True** Goddess***!

All Hail Discordian Kallisti Icecream!


(* for given values of "One")
(** for given values of "True")
(*** for given values of "Where Are My Legs?")

joão m. p. lemos said...

Hoopla & drjon -
Dear Discordians,
after following the late R.A.W.'s blog until his last post I felt the need not to mourn but to celebrate what the man stood for. Thank you both so much for your comments.